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Vanilla or Chocolate

Cream filled with your choice of batter
$2.25 ea.

White, Yellow, Chocolate or Red Velvet
Decorated w/ whipped cream
or butter cream



DECORATED w/ speciality topping
$3.50 ea. min of 6 


Examples: Very Berry, Peanut Butter Reese,
Cappuccino Latte, Coconut Custard, Lemoncello, Spumoni, Dark Chocolate Oreo, German Chocolate,
Strawberry Tiramisu, White Chocolate Raspberry,
Carrot Cake, Black Forest Cherry, Chocolate Coconut, Smore, Spiced Pumpkin, Banana Walnut, Irish Cream, Graham Cracker Cream, Banana Split


Specialty Cookies 10.50 dz.

Kahlua Cups * Caramel Cups * Reese's Cups 

Buckeyes * Nut Tassies * 

Miniature Cherry or Blueberry Cheese Cake Cookies 

Apricot or Nut Kiffels * 


Celebration Cookies 9.50 dz.

Mini Lady Locks * Jam Thumb Prints * Italian Wine  

Fudge Thumb Prints * Pumpkin Drop 

Peanut Butter No Bake *Butter Sandwich Wafers * 

Italian Wedding Cookies (lemon, anise, vanilla, almond)

Lemon Lady Finger Sandwiches * Peanut Butter Blossoms


Traditional Cookies 8.50 dz.

Chocolate Chip * Reese's Pieces * Oatmeal Raisin 

Snicker Doodle * Fork-Pressed Peanut Butter  

M & M  *  Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip


 Other Kitchen Favorites

Old Fashioned Raisin Filled * Gingerbread Men
  Iced Sugar Cut-Out Cookies * Many Bars & Brownies
Breakfast Cookies * Kolache (nut roll)

 Large Variety of Biscotti * Homemade Pizzelle




10" Pies 14.99 ea.
Crumb Top * Lattice Top * Traditional Top * No Top

Cherry * Blueberry * Fresh Apple * Peach * Apricot

Fresh Strawberry (seasonal) * Red Raspberry (market price)

Fruit topped Cheese Pies * Lemon *Bumble Berry
Coconut Bavarian Cream * Banana Bavarian Cream 

Chocolate Bavarian Cream *  Oreo Cream * Peanut Butter * Pumpkin

Old Fashioned Custard Pies 15.99 ea

Coconut Custard Cream * Banana Custard Cream & Graham Cracker Custard

Chocolate Custard Cream * Key Lime Custard * Butterscotch Custard 

    10" Nut Pies 16.99 ea.

Southern Pecan * Sweet Potato Pecan * Pumpkin Pecan


Premium Cakes & More
Carrot Cake w/ Cream Cheese Frosting - no nuts 27.95 w/ walnuts 32.95
Chocolate Raspberry Torte 39.95 * Chocolate Fudge Torte 39.95 

Tiramisu Cake 28.95  * Italian Rum Walnut Cake 24.95

Lemon Raspberry Cream Torte 32.95  * Cherry Cordial Cake 27.95
Chocolate Peanut Butter Torte 37.95 * Strawberry Cream Cake 27.95

Chocolate Nut Tart 28.95 * Chocolate Decadence 30.95

Coconut Cream Torte 32.95 * Chocolate Bourbon Bread Pudding 26.95 1/2 pan

Toasted Almond Bavarian Cream Torte w/ Butter Cream 37.95

Celebration Cakes

8" Rounds - 1/2 Sheet - Full Sheet - Variety of flavors, fillings, and icings


Our Original New York 32.95 ea. (Toppings Extra)

Chocolate  39.95 ea.

Chocolate Chocolate Chip * Mint Chocolate Chip

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough * Chocolate Covered Coconut 

White Chocolate Oreo * Chocolate Vanilla Marble

Candy Bar ( Heath, Almond Joy, Snicker, Kit Kat, Butterfinger)

Fruits & More 36.95 ea.

Peach Melba * Strawberry Lemonade * Key Lime

Strawberry Swirl * Peanut Butter * Cinnamon Swirl Vanilla Crunch

Cherry  * Blueberry * Lemon Caramel Apple * Coconut

Pumpkin Swirl * Peppermint Stick * Cranberry * Oreo

Pineapple Upside-down * Toasted Marshmallow * Celebration

Premium 45.95 ea.

Berry Medley * White Chocolate Raspberry or Strawberry * Tiramisu

Buckeye Brownie * Salted Caramel  *  Turtle Pecan * Toasted Almond

Chocolate Chocolate Truffle * French Vanilla Caramel

Red Velvet Cake w/ Cream Cheese Icing * Limoncello

Chocolate Espresso * Strawberry pretzel * Chocolate Peanut Butter

Chocolate Walnut * Triple Chocolate * German Chocolate Pecan

Carrot Cake Swirl w/ Cream Cheese Icing * Bananas Foster

Irish Cream * Chocolate Bourbon * Jack 'n Coke * Kahlua 'n Cream



Regular Coffee 

JP Hearty Blend
Columbian Supremo
Sumatra Mandheling
Vienna Roast


Premium Coffee 

Tanzania Peaberry
Antigua Guatemala
    Scandinavian Blend
Mocha Java

Morning Buzz

Mediterranean Blend

African Sunrise


Decaf Coffee

JP Hearty Blend Decaf
Columbian Decaf
    Holiday Blend Decaf

Vanilla Hazelnut Decaf


Flavored Coffee

Cafe Caramel

Ja Makin Me Crazy
Holiday Blend
Vanilla Hazelnut
Highlander Cream

Rainforest Crunch
Seasonal Flavors


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